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Secondary Market Intermediaries Commerce and Education (SMICE)

Unified Society of Commodity Traders (USCT)  Professional Commodity Traders (PCT)

Founder: Division of FTN Exporting Australia (www.ftnx.net) Established 1988 

International Best Selling Author and Trade Expert C/o: Davide Giovanni Papa  

FTN Exporting is a registered business name with ASIC

Education: www.smice.net  Trade: www.ftnx.net  www.ftnexporting.com

SMICE  is now officially our new educational website from 2020

From: May 29 , 2020: Offer Ref: JUN SP31

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SMICE  Academic Doctrine for Intermediaries (SADI)



SMICE is now the FTN Exporting  educational website offering an academic level orthodox educational service for home or corporate based first time  ‘intermediaries and entrepreneurs’ wanting to learn the process on how to trade in large revolving commodities at the correct and acceptable ‘international level.’ Our leading and unique mainstream study is designed for ill informed self starters/learners wanting to trade in large scale commodities, possibly as a future career. “We state things how they are whether good or bad. Applicant learns accordingly.” FTN Exporting (Head Office)  has global governance and influence on this unique  first ever uniform SMICE study made for all home based novice ‘intermediaries’ attempting to conduct business internationally. There is no other formal and legally defined study  and trading procedures specifically made for intermediaries wanting to become a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT). Regardless what you have read online, we have been trading for 32 years and have created the only mainstream doctrine designed for use by the ‘Professional Intermediary.’ We created the first ever study for release online in 2005 which has been maintained ever since. Compliments are ongoing as served from better minds than ours including bankers, lawyers, scientists and home based traders from all walks of life and profession. “We are all equals when it comes to this business, once our study is read and practised intently.” www.FTNX.net is the personal  trading site of the author. SMICE is our  educational site. Read the doctrine intently, follow procedures advised in our ‘bible’ of commodity trading, and chase down that one commodity deal for a life time of potential earnings secured on one single revolving transaction using your  ‘brains’ rather than ‘brawn.’ Learn the  simple to comprehend but complex  procedures,  and apply them intently as  instructed.  Note: With this Coronavirus  being defeated, business will commence to rebound by early  2021. This is the best time for a long time to take on this study as the market place will become very busy for years to come once world industries restart. Spend 6 months studying and practising the doctrine as world markets ‘wake up.’A PCT must be informed to enter this pending trading environment .   







Ideal for first time intermediaries / trader working from home or corporate office who want to trade in commodities and study the procedures at their own pace as a professional informed  trader.  Offer comes with 3 Question and Answer (Q&A) units. Ask questions about matters of  procedure not  understood by email,  and well serve quick reply by email. Q&A units valid for 3 months, 30 days after a purchase. 


COST: US$ 3228.00 PER 12 MONTHS




You have completed studying SADI and it  has taken you less than 3 months to do so ( no trading  before 3 months self applied study period is over.) You’ve asked a few questions by email, which added clarity to the trading  aspects not understood. It’s now  time to enter the market place as a highly informed  International Business and Agency Specialist (IBAS). The first step you take is very important. Get the first step wrong and you’ll take many months or years to recover. The majority of applicants have not done well on this crucial ‘first step.’ The first step is about sourcing a single ‘export ready’ supplier of a wanted product,  who is able to supply (minimum) 10 Full container loads or 12,500 MT single or revolving shipment(s) of a wanted product at FOB or FCA delivery mode ( you’ll learn all about such ‘delivery’ modes.)  To do as much you need to prepare you request to a supplier called an  ‘OTP’ (Offer to Procure.) The PCT needs  to apply this one aspect well; real efforts and failures will need to apply, as you commence trading in your spare time. You have to also provide answer to complex  questions being  asked by the supplier during the course of negotiations.  Once an offer of  supply is secured, it is time to forget about the supply side and concentrate on testing many end buyer, to ‘buy’ the goods you have secured. Again they will ask many complex questions that only a highly informed trader could effectively serve.  Failures will ‘need’ to eventuate  on this side the deal  as well. You’ll be learning the orthodox trading aspect outright. Support offered is reserved to this OTP aspect. The applicant  may assume that attempting to secure a  deal on the first time will fail, in where experience gained  adds to the learning application for the ‘next deal.’  This ‘hand on aspect’  is what ensures that the applicant does not need to take up  4 years of an academic level study at a local college or university ( if this study were available, which it’s not) Years of learning reduced to months comes with this offer. The SADI doctrine is a beta publication; meaning there is so much information in SADI about YOUR business  that minor grammatical mistakes  do not detract from the overall lesson being served.  SADI  if printed equates to  the thickness of 2 yellow  pages phone directories. There is a lot a PCT needs to know.Luckily the way we described all complex matters in SADI is done in the simplest manner possible. Don’t get the term ‘simple’ confused with the term ’complex.’  

In this offer, the applicant has 3 months study period and 9 months trading period to get the ‘first step’ right while open support is personally served by FTNX Ceo D.G.A.Papa as needed quickly by email. Note: If  the applicant  actually passes the end buyer testing aspect where the end buyer seeks  a contract  as the deal heads towards closing,  FTNX will do the closing on share profit  basis with the applicant  until failure and  success is recorded, giving the applicant  some great insight at the contract stage as well. The applicant  is to assume that the contract stage will not arrive, nor will a  deal close in such a short period, accordingly a fast paced educational  aspect is being offered.  By learning the first step in matters of sourcing a supplier with an OTP, the applicant  will  need to apply many such ‘failed’ deals at the offer level, before the potential of a  deal closing is possible.  This ‘experience’ becomes a  crucial factor later;  at first however learning intently the sourcing aspect and even attempting to test end buyers has to be mastered,  as the whole trading  aspect depends on it. There is no better way to master this aspect; having  the world leading expert by your side will make your own understanding of the ‘first step’ easy to learn and  apply. “Show us you efforts, and well return the corrected version with explanation attached. We want to see efforts; mistakes are expected.Contact us when an issue is at hand, Contact us when attempting to contact a  supplier for the first time. Show us what  you have produced. Show us what  the supplier is asking for etc..etc. we’ll show you the right reply.” Once 12 months support period is up, applicant will be trading as a PCT up to offers stage intently as a highly informed specialist. Even a little interaction  at this level will serve great added insight to the applicant; as such, the open  support served is offered at a fraction of our normal cost.  The contract stage is the simplest aspect when compared to the ‘first step’ process which must be learned intently, as this is the aspect which provides most of your experience and added insights.  Learn the first step by ‘getting it right’ from the very start will point you in the right direction ‘from the start.’ This one aspect will  open the rest of the trading routine accordingly as more offers and deals are tested until finally that one deal you have been chasing is before you. Failure is the bed fellow of  experience. The  bedfellow of experience is ‘efforts made.’ This is one of the most complex and difficult business applications on the planet made easy to follow thanks to our ‘easy to read’ and understand doctrine trade. It’s a business challenge like no other. To close one single deal means huge profits. To close such a deal–routine, procedures, International laws and rules must be learned a practised intently  before success is possible. If you are in it for the long haul, then this offer is for you. If you are looking for a ‘get rich scheme quick’ you’ve come to the wrong website. Anyone telling you differently are not telling you the truth.  Do not follow what  ill informed others are doing online, you’ll be wasting your time is a matter of fact. The orthodox trading aspect is the proper trading aspect outright in where matters of agency is learned which is readily identifiable in relevant practises applied to the business of agency world wide. Even if after 3 or 4  years of attempting to close a deal  the applicant ‘gives up’  trading, the lesson learned can be readily seen being applied in other relevant practices, for those thinking about taking up related employment opportunities. Those who do well will be accredited  with a hard to get  verifiable  IBAS certifications  as offered by the reputable and respected entity able to only issue such a Certificate – FTN Exporting.This discretion belong to us and may be treated as an added incentive rather than a formal part of the offer made.  

“To show an example bearing sound advice more close to the truth; 4 in hundred applicants will close a lucrative deal in under 4 years, 66 will comes close, 30 applicants will never close a deal  due to lack of personal abilities and poor starting applications  (poor writing skills, poor grasp of English language, failing to follow procedures correctly etc.etc.) Any business application from incepting a restaurant to running a commercial enterprise, has such expectations not just ours. We can’t all be successful at what we do in life. The saving grace is that  this business does not need a large outlay of capital to develop, other than the cost of taking up the offer,  but it does need knowledge and experience; it does need a person applying process and procedures with ‘brains’ rather than ‘brawn.’ As stated this is a very challenging but exciting and  complex business, but you’ll never know if this business is for you unless you first  learn to  apply the proper lawful academic level procedure; and by ‘giving it your best shot’ through real efforts being applied. A small deal is worth tens of millions of dollars, a medium sized deal is worth a half a billion dollars.Large deal will come your way as well.  The PCT has to ‘earn’ such a deal and profits therein by gaining knowledge and experience. This is what the PCT has to bring to the able. If you believe differently, then you’re dreaming. Following  what  ill informed others are doing online also makes you part of a circus run by clowns.” D.G.Papa               



Payment via Pay Pal  is made to; ftn_smice@bigpond.com. 

Those who want to pay bank to bank direct deposit, please ask SMICE for a Pro-forma invoice which will have our banking details. 

FTN Exporting is a PAYPAL  top ranked  seller. 

  1. FTN Exporting owns SMICE.net and FTNX.net and is a long-serving PayPal member and is ranked a top PayPal seller.
  2. Please read terms and conditions intently as no refund is possible once payment is made.
  3. Please go to PayPal.com to make payment.
  4. You don’t need a PayPal account to send us payment.
  5. Select  the PayPal button in PayPal site page  marked “Send Payment To.” 
  6. Forward payment to PayPal registered address:  ftn_smice@bigpond.com 
  7. Send  a private  email via ftn_smice@bigpomd.com  stating that payment was made ( and something about yourself, family, work, etc..)   
  8. PayPal takes up to 3 banking days to clear payment before publication or service will be advised to the applicant.(set up period is 3 days)
  9. PayPal payment by echeque not accepted as it could take up to 14 days to clear.
  10. In all cases: Purchase processed once your payment has cleared. It takes around 3 days to set up an applicants folder. 

Terms and Conditions of Purchase: 

As applicable and relevant to the purchase being made

  • FTN Exporting (FTNE) holds governance  over FTNX and SMICE
  • SMICE .net is our current  relevant educational website; past websites found are not relevant 
  • We have stated all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, to attract only applicants with firm trading intent.
  • The study is designed for home-based or corporate entities wanting to buy and sell large scale commodities for the first time as a long term private business..
  • We are offering educational services ‘no get rich quick’ scheme is offered.
  • NO REFUND available, as this is a unique academic level formidable study owned and created by FTNX not found in any university college (Not Yet).
  • The authors writing style is found on its websites. Understanding the authors writing style means the applicant will understand the doctrine offered to a reasonable level may be assumed.   
  • The doctrine has been tested over a very long period with professional entities. No guesswork applies.
  • Trading success cannot be guaranteed as the  abilities of every applicant is unique.  
  • What is guaranteed is that the doctrine breaks down complex matters to its simplest basis and can close deal legally and lawfully within International expectations, rules and laws.
  • Applicant taking up the study MUST be able to read and write in English ‘ to a reasonable’ clear level ( not perfect, but good) and have a professional-looking email address.A website is not essential.
  • Business or study via Internet cafe is not allowed.No success is assured if this aspect is used. 
  • The trading procedures and advice served is made for home-based first-time intermediaries supplier and end buyers  and can close commodity deals as per the expectations of current international trade rules and laws.
  • No deal participation with FTNX/SMICE is made with the study aspect  unless specifically declared as per offer made.
  • One way or another delivery of the doctrine is guaranteed  as such delay are not of concerns, FTN exporting is a top seller and  long serving PayPal Member. 
  • If PDF doctrine cannot be opened by the applicant, FTNX has the right to send an agent closest to the applicants country/town to assist in opening a restricted PDF.
  • Countries carrying sanctions with the USA may apply the doctrine within effected countries including Russia and Iran on the same basis  offered in the FTNX  Doctrine,  as International trade rules and laws is a universal application 
  • The applicant taking up the study with the assumption that it is unlikely in the first year of trade / study, that the applicant will close a deal.
  • If the applicant cannot financially affords to buy the doctrine and does so with the idea of closing a deal quickly; this is the wrong aspect to take, as an educational service is being offered.
  • Those looking to secured an ITS or IBAS Certificate  from FTNX with any offer made must prove they are informed (merit)  by interacting  with FTNX. 
  • Some applicants will close deals, some will come close and some never will for all their best efforts. This is the nature of any business application not just ours.
  • In all cases, the applicant will learn a high-end aspect of ‘big’ business, agency, finance, contract formation, sourcing and trade. In this light being educated in much used global practices is never a waste of time.
  • A business-minded person, who is working who has 12 hours spare over a 7 day week to study  are ideal candidates.
  • The applicant is buying a license to look at our unique doctrine which is served for personal use only hence no refund is possible.    
  • Q&A units offered is not consult nor deemed ‘support’ unless the word ’consultation’ or support  is apparent n the offer header  made. 
  • Open support means open consult as needed instigated by the applicant at a reasonable pace. Unreasonable demands may cause  reply times to be delayed  to 3 days.
  • Open support  in where more than 15 emails is served within six months, means delays or even invalidating support could occur. 15 question being served within 6 months is unreasonable 
  • Unreasonable  demands are also  indicated when the applicant is asking too many of the same kind of questions that they ought to have understood via SADI   
  • A PCT may be listed on the FTNX site including email  address unless stated otherwise. 
  • Dishonourable  acts may cause applicant  to be dismissed for any services provided.
  • FTNX has discretion to interact with a PCT once support period is over or even close a deal offered by a PCT on merit,  after support period  is over.  

Business Hours: FTNE Sales 7 Days per week 

During Festive Season FTNX Trading  office is closed from:

20th December 2019 to 7 January 2020 (Not included in any offer made as to period of service.)

Email Sales : C/o D.G.A.Papa  ftn_smice@bigpond.com

Phone Numbers: No phone numbers provided online.

Prices may increase without notice ;

Contradicting terms found past website www.ftnexporting.com ; this website applies.