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Posted: April 3, 2020

In the FTN Exporting Doctrine of Trade and International Business, when a PCT is acting as a “Seller” to the end buyer, the term ‘end buyer’ is very specific. The PCT will be able to recognise a genuine end buyer  and the intent to ‘buy’ therein, very quickly – within 8 months of completing the study and practising the trading routine.There are a lot of ‘buyers’ out there who are mostly  ill informed and who are ‘not buyers’ at all.The PCT has to safely  navigate this adverse path to only identify a real end buyers.  End buyer is one who take s possession  of the goods ordered from the PCT. With the Coronavirus coming to one end by years ends, the market place will become a very busy place in 2021 for  the informed PCT.  

The ideal  end buyer that the PCT should be concentrating on securing our avoiding  may be summed up as follows;

  1. An unsolicited email advised to your inbox  from an informed intermediary stating that they need a product and that they have the end buyer in need of such a product-is avoided  at all times.
  2. Such ill informed  entities will destroy your reputation, in time, may be assumed. 
  3. Furthermore, what kind of specialist are you claiming to be when you enter into a transaction mode with such ill informed traders only to find that the end buyer was not  genuinely apparent  to begin with. 
  4. As per above, some  ignorant person has placed your email on its email ‘trading’ list in where  your inbox is  inundated with ‘rubbish’ day and night. You will be wasting time for years chasing deals that can ever close because the intermediate  ‘clowns’ plying such deals have no idea what they are going.
  5. An end buyer who own a manufacturing plant, who in needs of raw material–as verified ONLY  by the PCT, is defined ‘as a deal worth’ entering into.  
  6. Whether the principal or its broker is enacting with the PCT  the potential at this very specific level has merit. Even if the deal fails after weeks or months  of negotiations and presenting documentation  have concluded, the PCT would   have obtained real live trading experience and will learn a lot of added aspects to apply ‘the next time around.’ A hand full fo such deals in any given year, means the PCT is drawing closer and closer to closing a large deal, the more actual experience is obtained when  dealing with ‘end buyers.’ 
  7. By not obtaining experience with real end buyers, means the PCT is not ‘genuinely’ interested to close deals-it’s that simple. 
  8. Being able to only secure suppliers with the expectation that ‘someone’ else in your own string will always ‘be on hand’ to secure the end buyers and do the closing, is the wrong aspect.  Presenting offers to an entity like FTN Exporting ( by mentored  /supported string members) who is also a ‘PCT’ ( and must also follow the  same rules as everyone else) for a short period of time for matters of education is fine. When the attachment is not longer apparent,  some PCT’s  have given up trading as  they were not  ‘willing’ to test  or  bring a potential deal to the attention of  real end buyers.


The FTN Exporting doctrine explains what to watch out for and allows the applicant up to 3 months to study the doctrine and around another 3 months to ‘play around’ and respond to emails in general to ‘get a feel’ of what is out here. The PCT will soon learn that most ill informed traders and intermediaries  have no idea about your proper process and procedures. After 3 months it time to get  serious. No trading mailing lists, no joining trading platforms, or trading on socials sites. The PCT trade privately form office or home as instructed . Once a supplier  has been secured, the end buyer must be sourced. If the PCT has secure one or a few real suppliers and tested 10 or 12 end buyers in a 12  months period without success ; the educational and trading period is said to be over. The PCT has gained excellent experience. This is the right time to now consider closing a large commodity deal in the near future. 3 months study laced with  real time experience and efforts made  on both sides ( supplier /end buyers) is what will eventually head the PCT  towards closing their  first lucrative deal. History then dictates the rest.  Without the study and subsequent experience AS DIRECTED in the study, no deal can ever be closed the market place is saturated  with clowns, sharks and many false leads, the kind that only a highly  informed PCT can readily and easily avoid.