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  • No phone numbers given online.All phone numbers served on final contract. 
  • We are not a free advisory service. We are not interested to conduct business with Social Sites, B2B etc.etc. participants.  
  • Our educational website is: www.smice.net  Only those who have purchased our publication will have email answered.
  • Our trading site is: www. ftnx.net for Suppliers End Buyers and PCT's to use.

Our standard  serviced email addresses  are: 

  • ftnexporting@yahoo.com   
  • davide_ftnexporting@yahoo.com.au 
  • Direct email: ftn_smice@bigpond.com

Please assume we won’t serve reply to any  email ( unless it has merit) but assume we will eventually read  all emails sent to us.

FTN Exporting (1988) has been in the business for over 30 years. Due to the nature of our unique positions we are unable to service trade questions to anyone except current USCT  members.


WARNING: Please be advised;

 SMICE or FTNX( our trading arm) not conduct business with B2B platforms, social site, etc.etc. We have the over 32 years of collated information served to us by traders and students, which we will never personally use or offer as a data base, is a promise that we have abided by since day one, to ensure matters of confidentiality and ethics are not breached. Some ill informed and ignorant traders have been applying the FTN Exporting or ftnx and smice email on their own mail outs to show participation with–us to others. We have no representatives, accordingly anyone using our email to serve such impressions are deemed as being a dishonourable entities. We do not conduct business with dishonourable entities and those who are a connected to such. Applicants taking our study have a private email address. SMICE has gained trust and respect both as traders and educators over a very long period of time . We developed the first uniform doctrine of trade, that ill informed traders don’t know how to apply. Our doctrine is now a main stream global application. We do not/never sell or use trading information given to us in confidence, by those we are educating or trading with, and will be purging all our stored hard drives in 2020 accordingly. Please also note: Several dishonourable traders have sold unauthorised copies of our material where years later buyers have come to use with a a request for deal participation, which we trashed. Suppliers and end buyers have also asked us to confirm the status of a past student using our illegally acquired and outdate material, in where an adverse report was served. The altered flawed and fake copies we have seen are long outdated, one going back to 2006. To pay money to dishonourable traders for an outdated unworkable publication means the applicant is  buying ‘unworkable’ material. Buyer of such fake material cannot enter business with USCT members which literally means such entities will have problems tying to trade in market place full of honourable USCT members, as all paths lead back to FTN exporting eventually. SMICE will always respond to a USCT endorsed members emails and those who purchased our publications from us directly, even after the services provided has expired.  



 FTNX is  nearing the end, with a final edit of COSI due when time prevails. Hopefully it will be published by late 2020.

Those who want an excellent and not expensive web hosting services take note. 

With no affiliation or benefit to SMICE, we highly recommend meccahosting.com from USA. Why ? When a problem arises they are ‘on the ball quickly’ in rectifying such or serving good advice. Good work deserves recognition and compliments. (Idea for Mac’s) 

Bacchus Marsh Victoria
Carlton Nth Melbourne
Melbourne City , Victoria 3340
E-Mail: ftn_smice@bigpond.com

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