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SMICE.net is our worldwide educational business website offering to educate private  ill informed intermediaries and traders in general the proper way to transact in large scale commodity deals.  FTNX.net is the private and personal trading business of FTN Exporting, which applies advanced trading procedures. Our International best selling first print formal hardcopy  publication ITSI is still relevant to this day, 10 years after its release. ITSI will remain relevant for decades to come.  ‘International Trade and the Successful Intermediary’ (ITSI) serves our base doctrine of trade at the formal level. Intermediaries including related others should read ITSI intently. ITSI is the legacy we leave to the world of commodity trading as we have created the first mainstream uniform doctrine of trade that anyone delving in international trade business should be observing, especially  private commodity traders ( ill informed intermediaries).  The formidable, legally defined study and the procedures advised therein was created by highly respected trading entity FTN Exporting  CEO Davide Giovanni Papa (DGP) who is situated in Melbourne, Australia. FTN exporting was first established and registered as a business in 1988. Our beta in-house study extends greatly on the basis offered in ITSI by breaking down the whole process further, to an easy to read less formal ‘step by step basis’ made for those long term traders who can afford the added expense. This is a very exciting business to learn and apply from your home (or office) especially for those looking for a real challenge. End Buyers, suppliers, importers, exporters , agents and brokers ought to consider taking up the study as well. 


We created the world first uniform legally defined doctrine of trade made for anyone delving in the business of buying and selling commodities as a PCT (Professional Commodity Trader) which has taken us decades to complete. The term ‘PCT’ (Professional Commodity Trader) among others, is also a term created by FTNX, as we are not just educators but traders as well. Our changes to standing international procedures pre 2010 ( as advised in ITSI) have been copied by other major entities and educational bodies albeit taking nearly a decade for such entities to do so. The world is fast becoming a market place being led by professional traders thanks to our Doctrine of Trade. FTN Exporting is an industry leader worldwide in this unique practice  which has become a mainstream global application. Principals will benefit from our doctrine, as aspects within do not only cover  laws and rules but also issues apparent discovered while trading as a PCT over a very long period; issues not found in standard  academic  publications. Not many authors can claim such a long time experience. We are not associated with any other institution and have not lent our name or study to any other entity. We exclusively serve to educate our private students safe, legal and correct methods of trading in physical commodities and related business of trade as per our highly praised and well-tested curriculum. Anyone mastering our trading procedures, could conduct business internationally on the same basis  where big transaction  are apparent, especially entities  considering to enter the business of agency. Therefore, anyone wanting to make the attempt at trading in commodities or related business affairs must learn the related business aspect to do with 'agency’ as prescribed  in  our doctrine. To compliment ITSI, FTN Exporting first released an  in-house doctrine in 2005. As more and more traders were interested in  applying the right trading procedures,  the in-house publication was frequently updated as ICC rules changed in 2007, 2010 and again in 2020. Over 50 updated editions  were released by 2015 before the in house publication became stable. Beware – today fake outdated unworkable copies of our work are being sold to unwary traders who are paying dishonourable people good money for unworkable or altered copies of our past material. We have seen outdated fake copies of our material going back to 2005 being sold in USA, EU and U.K. FTNX ‘has earned’ it stripes; unlike other who have not.  


Trading legally and lawfully in commodities as a PCT is a challenging complex and difficult business practice. Success is not assured even for those who have completed the study and has traded for years. We simply cannot gauge the intent, efforts and skill level of each purchaser; and we have noted a number of purchasers who should have not taken up the study (who failed to heed our advice). An ill-informed trader has zero possibilities of ever closing a commodity deal, using unworkable procedures as found on the internet being touted by ill-informed others. An entity who has completed the FTNX study starts with  50% possibility of closing on a large deal, because the procedures used are legally and lawfully effective.  Zero chance or 50% chance? Such odds increase favourably with experience, once the study aspect is completed. See the difference? Anyone guaranteeing or implying that you can close a lucrative deal because ‘you have read a book’ is being deceptive and is not telling you the truth. Your grasp of the English language must be reasonably sound ( not perfect, but sound) You will also need to know how to apply simple maths and you will need to be able to write well in English as you will be producing your own business documents in time. We have broken down this complex formal practice ( as prescribed in ITSI) to an easy to comprehend unedited basis, via our current in-house beta publication offered only from this website. Our private beta publication breaks down ITSI further, one step at a time, and is 4 times larger in size than ITSI. Once the PCT enters the market place, the required trading experience is gained which is an intricate part of the learning and educational process. History then dictates the rest. Whether you are a first-time novice trader or seasoned but ill-informed trader looking to close that one lucrative export-import deal or related business of agency the educational service offered is for you. If this academic level study were offered at a university or college ( which it’s not), you’ll be paying much more and would need 3 or 4 years to complete such a study. It does not matter what profession you are in, from banker, lawyer, to shop owners, scientists and labourers; we are all in the same boat when it comes to this business.The PCT  studies then  commences to trade to gain experience. Once you become ‘informed’ and have gained added abilities, live deals will becomes apparent. To become informed means reading the doctrine intently over two or three months. Studying matters not clearly understood  at first will become much clearer as you begin to trade in commodities thereafter ‘one step at a time’. Most PCT are trading well in under ten months of purchase-the rest is about gaining experience, until one day that one lucrative deal you have been working so hard to secure falls on your lap? Will you be ready to close your first deal? 


Once the PCT is informed they can deal with principals and even lawyers and bankers on a very high level ( many lawyers and bankers worldwide etc..have also studied our doctrine) as the PCT becomes a specialist in a very unique business that can only be understood by studying our doctrine. The PCT does NOT trade with other ill informed intermediaries. You will need to study the doctrine to gain knowledge and trade for a few years to gain experience before knowing if you are aiming towards closing a huge revolving and lucrative exporting deal. ‘If the trading bug bites you, you never stop trying.’ It’s the traders who last the longest in this business, applying the doctrine as intended at a steady informed pace, who will succeed. Many will get close, some will never close a deal no matter how long they try. This is the nature of any viable business not just ours, except in our business no large outlay for business goodwill or franchise fees is required. Making money using your brains and not brawn, is a legitimate business practice. Please enjoy our website; made for the PCT as the world of trade comes back online from the COVID 19 Pandemic. Export /Import deals don’t stop-not even for a pandemic. 

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