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 International  Best Selling and Leading Academic Author  

International Trade  and Agency Expert,  Inventor and Rhetorician

Davide Giovanni Papa 

SMICE is a Division of FTN Exporting (FTNX) Est: 1988

Education: www.smice.net  www.ftnexporting.com. Trading : www.ftnx.net

General email:  ftn_smice@bigpond.com   Members private email: as per private Gmail personally  served to applicants.

FTN Exporting or  SMICE Ceo,  is no longer active  on Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, nor is involved  with any trading platform or social site in any manner.




Our International best selling first print hardcopy formal publication still relevant to  this day  ‘International Trade and the Successful Intermediary’ (ITSI) serves our base doctrine of trade at the formal level. Intermediaries including related others, should read ITSI intently. ITSI is the legacy we leave to the world of commodity trading as we have created the first mainstream doctrine of trade  that anyone delving in international trade business should be observing. SMICE is the educational website made for all ‘intermediaries’ exporting commodities or related internationally inspired business. FTNX is our trading subsidiary. The formidable legally defined study and the procedures advised therein is owned by highly respected trading entity FTN Exporting and is administered by CEO, Davide Giovanni Papa (DGP) who is situated in Melbourne, Australia; as established and registered in 1988. Our in house study extends greatly on the basis offered in ITSI; made for those long term traders, who can afford the added expense. 


We created the world first uniform legally defined doctrine of trade made for anyone delving in the business of buying and selling commodities as a PCT ( Professional Commodity Trader)  which has taken us decades to complete.  The term ‘PCT’ among others, is also a  term created by FTNX as well, as we are no just educators but  traders as well. Our changes to standing international procedures pre 2010 ( as advised in ITSI) have been copied by other major entities and educational bodies albeit taking nearly a decade for such entities to do so. The world is fast becoming a market place being led by professional traders thanks to our Doctrine of Trade. FTN Exporting is an industry leader worldwide in this unique practice we have created which has become a mainstream global application. We are not associated with any other institution and have not lent our name or study to any other entity. We exclusively serve  to educate our private students safe correct methods of trading in physical commodities and related business of trade as per our highly praised and well tested curriculum. Anyone wanting to make the attempt at trading in commodities and learn the related business aspect to do with 'agency' must study our publication before venturing into the market place. To compliment ITSI  FTN Exporting first released our  in-house doctrine in 2005. As more and  more traders were interested to know more, the in-house publication  was frequently updated  as ICC rules changed in 2007, 2010 and again in 2020. Over 50 updates  were released by 2015 before the in house publication  became stable. Beware – today  fake  outdated unworkable copies of our work  are being sold  to unwary traders who are paying dishonourable people  good money  for unworkable or altered copies of our past material.We have seen outdated fake  copies of our material going back to 2005 being sold in USA, EU and U.K.  


There are many ill-informed and dishonourable traders in the market place (which we discuss about in the doctrine.)  As one ill-informed group leaves, a new group appears, year in, year out. The term ‘ill-informed’ refers to 97% of commodity traders and brokers  world wide who has not studied our academic level doctrine and have no idea what they are doing. An ‘informed trader’ is defined as a PCT herein as this is the aspect that supports the emerging practice specified. Complete the study, enter the trading arena as an independent informed commodity trader. When our study is taken the ‘student’ is deemed an ( ill informed)  intermediary. When the doctrine is placed down, after reading it intently for 2 to 4 months and the applicant commences to trade, the ‘intermediary’ tag is dropped and is replaced with the term ‘Professional Commodity Trader’ (PCT) and International Trade Specialist (ITS). The PCT taking up support  is also issued a verifiable certificate  as an ‘International Trade Specialist’ (ITS) “There are no teachers to teach the teacher. We created the doctrine, and issue certification accordingly. We are a recognised and respected  entity among related industry specialist world-wide.”  FTN Exporting PCT is the worlds best-informed commodity trader. What applicants learn may be applied for other high end ‘international’ business ventures as well. Years of study reduced to months  is offered  in a way that surpasses standard university or college acquired  ‘international trade studies’ as the PCT has to know much more than standard aspects of trade. This is why our study is unique, especially to those applicants who are supported when taking up the study. 


We discovered what the term  ‘Buyer’ and ‘Seller’ implies  which paved the way for the doctrine to be formed. So many formal studies failed  to define what the term ‘buyer’ or ‘seller’ means.This was the key to unleash a formidable doctrine that can be applied by any ‘Intermediary.’ Coincidently It is also a study that suppliers, producers, exporters, importers lawyers and bankers ought to be studying as well. The ‘Buyer/Seller’ term once understood is the aspect which allows private people from all over the world to also trade in commodities and other related business practices. After taking expensive international  trade course at a local college over  30 years ago, nothing about intermediaries was apparent in the study. I  learned  very little about  the business I was interested to apply.  I had wasted nearly 8 years trading on the idiotic ill informed, illegal and unworkable platform using ‘procedures’ bearing terms like  ICPO, LOI, POP, BCL, RWA, NCNDA, PB, ASWP, etc, etc. It took nearly 8 years to work out that nobody out there, trading  in commodities as a private intermediary knew anything about the business nor proper procedures at all. I was wasting so much time instructing such people as well. In 2020 nothing has changed. Now we have the internet instead of the  telex / fax machines and  that, except  for  those who  have studied  our material, or  have been mentored by FTN Exporting  so many ‘clowns’ are still out there who really believe they are trading in commodities, when they are trading in ‘rubbish’; or trading using a hybrid altered set of unworkable procedures offered by ill informed others.   

“It’s truely laughable, that people  think that they can wake up one morning to look on the net  to  copy what many idiotic others are doing, and commence trading in commodities within a week. A PCT must learn all matters of agency, sourcing, logistics, finance, making offers, contracts, closing, collecting, earning  and making commission payments, as well as apply ICC international delivery and banking rules of business which we must also use and interpret correctly. In effect, our doctrine  provides  the PCT only information and advice as it pertains their business; which means learning much more  than standard international trade practices, that can be found anywhere, even in universities. You will not find our legally defined study and practice in any college, as a single study, but may find in various studies all the references we have used. A professional commodity trader (PCT) trading on our procedures  is also an International Trade Specialist (ITS) and Principal of Agency. This is important as suppliers and end buyer will ask a lot of question before accepting a deal.  Learn the trading aspect intently, failure  to do so could land you in legal hot water. FTNX has been privy in legal cases where earnings made by an ‘intermediary’  on an exported product  have been forfeited and the applicant sent to prison, all because he failed to apply some basic steps to protect their position. The only reason why more intermediaries are not facing a similar fate is because the millions ‘pretending to be trading’ online yearly  have literally nothing to offer. A person cannot be charged for ‘buying and selling’ nothing but hot air; however they can be charged if an active deal is in place for products offered that does not exist. If a fake un-ascertained product is offered where an unwary end buyer is secured the deal will fail anyway, and the  ‘ill informed intermediary’ acting as seller  may face criminal proceeding for fraud  as well.” 


Trading legally  and lawfully in commodities as a PCT is a challenging complex and difficult business practice. Success is not assured even to for those who have completed the study and has traded for years. An ill informed trader has zero possibilities of ever closing a commodity deal, using unworkable procedures. An entity who has completed the FTN study already has a 50% possibility of closing on a large deal, because the procedures used are legally and lawfully effective; strict and properly applied. Zero chance or 50% chance  which slowly increases with in experience. See the difference? “Not all Grand Prix  drivers will win a race; but being in the race  is what serves the opportunity to win. Simply being a good driver is not enough, as all entrants managing to get a place is a race are technically ‘good drivers.’ We guarantee that the FTN procedures provided can legally close large complex deals formally and safely by a home based private trader. The rest is based on each individuals personally applied efforts and abilities, which serves experience.’We have broken down such complex trading  matter to very easy understandings.’ Anyone guaranteeing or implying that you can close a lucrative deal because ‘you have read a book’ is being deceptive and is not telling you the truth. We have broken down this complex formal practice ( as prescribed in ITSI)  to an easy to comprehend unedited  basis, via our current in-house beta publication offered only from this website. Our private  beta publication breaks down ITSI further, one step at a time,  and is 4 time larger in size than ITSI. Once the PCT enters the market place, the required trading experience is gained which is an intricate part of the learning and educational process. History then dictates the rest. Whether you are a first-time novice trader or seasoned but ill-informed trader looking to close that one lucrative export-import deal the educational service offered is for you. It does not matter what profession you are in, from bankers, lawyers to shop owners, scientists and labourers; we are all in the same boat when it comes to this business. 


 So you want to make big money by closing a large revolving commodity deals. That’s your short term aim. What’s your long term strategy? Let take a  closer look at the term ‘strategy.’ 

  1. The PCT must learn not just to apply, but interpret certain ‘international’  rules and laws just like suppliers and end buyers must do. 
  2. A PCT  can’t use Iie: Australian. ECC, or American etc.etc. localised domestic rules and laws, because uniformity of process must apply at the  ‘universal’ level.  
  3. Laws  and rules  including UCP and incoterms delivery rules  (Look up such terms online for yourself)
  4. A PCT is defined as a seller  when ‘selling’(so here, we have in-house rules pertaining to the doctrine; many such ‘in house’ rules must also be learned)  
  5. A PCT us defined as a buyer, when ‘buying’ (in-house rules pertaining to the doctrine applied to make sense of the whole process being learned)
  6. ICC Paris, France current  Incoterms delivery rules supporting delivery modes used are;  
  7. A PCT can ONLY use Delivery modes i.e:  FOB, CIF, CFR, FAS, CIP, FCA, FAS  
  8. ICC Paris URC Collection Rules when the financial instrument  is ‘Collected’ upon by the supplier 
  9. ICC Paris UCP bank rules for the issuance of a financial instrument  such as a DLC used when an end buyer needs to open and issue  such an instrument.
  10. UCP 600 or ISBP 2013 SLC rules applied  for the issuance of a Performance Guarantee.
  11. Aspects pertaining to IMO ocean going carrier rules  
  12. Thus a ‘Supplier’ as per the FTNX doctrine is the disclosed person ‘in possession of export ready goods’ being offered to the PCT acting as a Buyer without disclosing who the end buyer is.
  13. Thus an ‘end buyer ’ as per doctrine is the disclosed person taking  possession of goods being offered by  the PCT acting as a Seller  without disclosing who the supplier is.
  14. The PCT  applies;  International Rules of Agency, England; is legally acting as a buyer and seller without requiring to identify who the supplier or end buyer  is.
  15. Offer/ Contract formation rules as per English law with some additional aspects incorporating EC and USA commercial codes. 
  16. Dispute  settlement rules as per LCIA  or as agreed upon the contract.
  17. Sourcing  procedures safely applied without inducing localised solicitation laws.
  18. Localised laws cannot be effectively used in a international trade deal, due to matters of jurisdiction. i.e: An Indian court  cannot hear a trade dispute where USA domestic contracting terms are used.etc.etc. ( I.e: ICPO) 
  19. A PCT is very limited on the trading path and procedures they can safely use; the doctrine  therefore  is specifically made for private traders. 
  20. Complex issue: When the PCT uses others to assist on a string deal the PCT must follow FTNX  TRIBE Rules of Association  and learn how to pay commission and issue an Irrevocable Payment Guarantee (IPG) as per rate Prescribed. 

English international trade law and foreign governance therein infers that ‘Britannia indeed rules the waves’ has become apparent, because English  case law on the subject matter has precedence going back nearly 1000 years and that the current and former colonies of England are familiar with English law ( even US legal system is built on English law) which includes current 52 nations of the Commonwealth and past colonies such as Hong Kong (Route into China) Since UCP rules support international banking system; even Russia has to abide by such rules if they want to sell goods utilising western bank system. Russia was a signing member to the formation of current UCP banking rules in 2007. When we say our trading procedures are safe and formidable, we are not just talking rhetoric. The FTNX doctrine is the glue which binds all the above aspect into one uniform set of procedures s as support by a very specific ‘routine’ that the PCT must learn to apply. To make money on a large revolving contract cannot be applied using guesswork and stupid unworkable or unenforcible unsafe procedures; one makes such money because they have learned the process intently; therefore one ‘earns’ such money due to skill, knowledge and abilities.   


The exporting importing business is fraught with adverse situations and fake deals; while a growing number of suppliers and end buyers are needing more and more guidance and advice. Intermediaries, brokers, agents, buyers and sellers worldwide should not enter the international trading business arena without first studying our publication, is our advice based on over 30 years of experience. You are called an ‘intermediary’ while studying our doctrine of trade. After 3 months you never use such a term as your revert to the title of the Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) carrying  Certification and title as an  International Trade Specialist (ITS). This is the only way of securing real earnings on real deals being closed. Suppliers or end buyers will not trade with ‘ill informed intermediaries especially  after many are now aware of our formidable and superior safe  procedures (compliments  by industry leaders on our trading structure is ongoing year upon year). It’s  the many ‘ill informed intermediaries’ who ‘think’  they are trading, when in fact they are simply passing time. “Dear FTNX could you look and consider this deal, it’s  a real offer.” They pass  such offers to FTNX,  only to find  incorrect unworkable  terms like POP, MT 799, ICPO, BCL, FCO, RWA, SLC, PB, SWIFT, NCNDA, Buyers side, Sellers side, Mandate, etc.etc; which we  simply trash. Many  have not even bothered to find out who we are before even passing  such offers to us or even try to attract our attention, by offering to buy our publication if we can service their inquiry first.  We have tested in the past, many deals  with many idiotic  traders involved,  following a long string only to find the goods offered are fake or don’t exist. One small but very important aspect of our study is to do with ‘due diligence’ which when applied proficiently identifies such fake deals very quickly.  We have seen so many fakes deals and  really stupid people trying to enter this complex market place.  “How many such deals and offers have I seen in the last 30 years or even last 3 months  that FTNX could have considered - not one single fully defined offer.”   Trading in revolving commodities is complex, challenging but highly lucrative and doable business for those who succeed. “You need to be a business minded person and entrepreneur by heart  to take on this business.”  Those looking for a change in career should also consider taking up the study. One cannot trade like those many ill informed traders  found online, as all such unworkable deals cannot be legally closed. Over 30 years in this business the author and trader created the only viable method of conducting such business. Trade in commodities as a professional trader, by giving it 'your best shot.'  Once the PCT is informed they can deal with principals and even lawyers and bankers on a very high level ( many lawyer and bankers world wide etc..have also studied our doctrine)  as the PCT becomes  a specialist in a very unique business that can only be understood by studying our doctrine. You will need to  study the doctrine to gain knowledge  and trade for a few years to gain experience  before knowing if you are aiming towards closing a huge revolving and lucrative exporting  deal. ‘If the trading bug bites you, you never stop trying.’  It’s the traders who last the longest in this business, applying the doctrine as intended at a steady informed pace, who will succeed , many will get close, some will never close a deal no matter how long they try. This is the nature of any viable business not just ours,  expect in our business no large outlay for business goodwill or franchise fee’s is required. Making money using your brains and not brawn, is a legitimate business practice. Please enjoy our website; made for the PCT as the world of trade comes back online from the COVID 19 Pandemic . 

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